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Essential Oils

I used to be "THAT" kinda gal....

The one who did whatever the “government health agencies” recommended…

The one who shied away from anything that remotely resembled being “hippie”…

The one who was skeptical of anything that didn’t come from the shelf at the pharmacy…

The one that thought holistic or natural health was all a bunch of "snake oils"....

Yep, that was me.

You’ll now see a confident girl who thinks for herself, grows her own food, reads labels, and has fallen in love with natural remedies and informed self-care.

What changed?

A lot. The medicine stopped working; the side effects started to outweigh the benefits of the medicines I was taking; my body got sicker as I kept taking more and more antibiotics that just made my immune system weaker, which made me sick which made the doctor write another prescription for antibiotics.....
I was stuck in a vicious cycle by the people who were supposed to make me healthier, but only succeeded in making me sicker.

I started thinking for myself, and my feelings of frustration, helplessness, and dependency suddenly disappeared.

I felt FREE.

Free to take charge of my health.

Free to write my own story of natural healing.

Free to make choices of when I wanted to use western medicine and when I wanted to use alternative options.

I doubted the ability of these little smelly oils to take the place of all the pills that I've been taught all my life were the ONLY way to treat illnesses.  But, I jumped on board just to give it a chance.  Hey, we all deserve those right?
Ok, the first time it worked..... purely a coincidence... I must have already been getting better.... It couldn't have been because of the oils??
But it kept working... I felt better.  I invested in a book to help me decide what oils would best suit each illness and started using more and more of these little bottles.
And it still worked!!

Our modern healthcare system is broken folks…

Oh... if I happen to be in a car accident or break a bone, I'm still going to the hospital, that's for sure.... 
But what about preventing some of the horrible diseases that afflict our society? Or helping my body heal itself? Or fighting infection without wiping out all the good bacteria in my gut? Those were the questions that weren’t getting answers.

Want more information on how to get started with essential oils??

Want to purchase some essential oils?

Drop me an email or a comment!!  Or take a look here (affiliate link)!!
 I'd love to help you get started being healthier!!


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