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I Have the Winter Blues

I haven't been posting nearly enough here, but in my defense, there really isn't a lot going on since it's the middle of winter and there is about a foot of snow sitting on the ground.  
Yep, that's my backyard and garden beds as of this morning.  You can see the leftover kale that I left to see how long it would live after the frost.  I keep meaning to tear it out, but there is always snow out there and I just hate trudging through the snow for no good reason.   The right hand side of the picture shows the asparagus ferns in all their glory.  I will mow those down once the threat of frost is over for the year.  

Apparently, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the last frost date in my part of the world is April 29th.  ???  What??  I'm a member of the old-school mentality that you just DO NOT plant under Mother's Day.  So, I have to decide what to do this year.  Plant early and hope for the best or just go by the almanac and see what happens?  I'd love your thoughts on this if you want to take a second to comment. 

I got a new refrigerator this year at the company's scratch and dent sale.  We got a $3500 fridge for only $900 because there is a dent in the side panel.  Works for me.  Who the heck is gonna see it up against the wall anyhow?  Only problem is that the kitchen layout doesn't leave enough space to accommodate the french door fridge.  So, I had to take out an upper and a lower cabinet in order to make a wide enough space for the darned thing.  I'm still working on fitting the cabinets in, painting them to match the existing cabinets and then I'm going to build a narrow rolling pantry to place in the small gap between the fridge and the wall.  Don't worry... once I'm done, I'll post pictures. :)

But me being me, I have to have more to think about.  It's just not me to not be planning for the next 12 projects. LOL

So, I'm going to start my winter sowing this weekend, and hopefully start to build a system like this....

I found this project at Coach House Crafting and I just love the darn thing.  What better way to grow different herbs and keep them easy to access AND not running wild in the garden beds?  I'm planning on making this as an herb garden on my patio.  Even if it's not dual siding like the one pictured, I'll still have tons of options for herb growing.  :)