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Update and Tomato Planter Tutorial

I have said this so many times, but really, it's worth saying again....


I've been hard at work keeping up with the garden and it's really starting to pay off.  I hope that the darned rabbits living under the neighbors shed don't eat too much before I have the time & means to get traps to be able to raise them. And before you ask (like my DH did), yes, I will eat them.  LOL

We've all seen those awesome, expensive tomato grow boxes that they sell.  I'm pretty sure that AeroGarden makes them, and while I love my AeroGarden, I just can't justify giving them any more of my money.  LOL
Here's a pic of what I'm talking about...

So my version, while not as pretty and upper class looking, seems to be doing a great job!  (There's pix at the bottom of this post.  Just be a lil patient. LOL)

First, I started off with a normal ole Sterilite tub from WalMart (bleck, but Meijer didn't have the size I was looking for... only the bigger ones.  I think these are 5 gallon.)  It was less than $10, but more than $5, so what I'm saying here is: I don't remember how much I paid for them. :)

I cut the inside of the lid out, just in case I get too many weeds this year, next year I'll add in black plastic to both retain moisture and to keep the weeds at bay.  So far, I've only had to pull about 6 weeds out of these, but honestly, it's really early in the season, so we shall see what happens.

The next is to add in the basket which will keep the soil off the bottom of the tub and create a little reservoir for water.  It bottom waters to tomatoes and helps ward off leaf rot, etc.
I found this in the kitchen section of WalMart (hey, I was already there!) for around $3.
 Drill holes all over the bottom for drainage from the soil. And I mean everywhere!!
But be careful.  I got overly excited and cracked one clean through!!

Then you are going to want to drill bigger, matching holes thru both the small basket and the Sterilite tub.  It probably won't get pretty, but if you do 5-6 (like me), you'll be an old pro by the time you are done.

I cut a piece of old garden hose about 6 inches long to push thru them both and act as a drain.  I also put a 3' piece of 1/2" PVC pipe in the corner for easier watering.


 I think they look awesome, and are growing well.  Ignore the pot closest to you in the pic... I had it in a different location which apparently the tomato plants didn't approve of.  LOL

So, other than having storage containers in my front yard and my neighbors thinking I'm a hillbilly, I think they are amazing.  And honestly, if I fill my pantry with tomatoes this year, I don't give a "d" what the neighbors think!!  ;)